Hong Kong Cadastral System deals with basically land registration and cadastral survey. It is to facilitate land administration and transaction as an external objective (legal, economic, geographical, social & political...etc) while to provide boundary security as an internal objective.

Hong Kong had no land survey law until 1995. Hong Kong has a land registration law intended to provide efficient transactions, and the land boundary survey had long been a sole function of the government land administration until the 80's when the private practicing land surveyors gradually came into the system.

In 1995, Land Survey Ordinance (Cap 473) does not have the term 'cadastral survey'. In fact, cadastral survey is not a legal term in Hong Kong. The term Land Boundary Plan (LBP) is used to mean a subdivision plan submitted under the ordinance, and the term 'land boundary survey' is accepted by the local land survey profession as an equivalent term, or even better a term to 'Cadastral Survey'.

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